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Threads [Remastered 10 Year Anniversary Edition]

Double LP

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‘Threads’ was my 1st album as Om Unit and this 10-year re-mastered anniversary edition comes around at what feels like a similar time for me of experimentation and finding new ways to connect sounds. Something of a full circle of sorts but then again I am marking time with this re-issue at a time where I can look back and feel very proud of the work still sounding so convincing. Now even better thanks to Subvert Central’s Robert Macchiochi!

Reflecting on the past 10 years since this record came out, I can say it’s been an incredibly fruitful journey, with the most striking element of it all being the opportunity to travel and meet so many people from so many different backgrounds with different world views and stories. I found that ‘Threads’ for many was their first insight into my music, and for some people was something of a milestone in their journey of exploring music itself with tracks like ‘The silence’ and ‘Governor’s Bay’ having been mentioned over the years as amongst favourites alongside some of the work released on Cosmic Bridge and Civil

I want to take a moment to give my Love and gratitude to all the featured vocalists. Thanks to Simon Jinadu for his angelic voice on ‘The Silence’, to Charlie Dark MBE for his reflective words on ‘The Road’ and to Alex ‘Bogues’ Rendall aka MC Jabu (of Jabu) for his intense delivery on ‘Patients’ as well as Jneiro Jarel for his self-reflective narration on “just sayin’” All 4 are still outliers in their own field and upstanding creative forces to boot. I feel blessed to have been able to capture them on this project.

Threads was made in a bedroom of 2a Station Rise in Tulse Hill, a flat I shared with journalist and writer Laurent Fintoni, in a space that had such a great sound to it that I’ll always miss that room. I hope that you feel the warmth that I felt then whilst making it. It’s been an adventure since and whilst I’ve moved on from a lot of the tropes intrinsic to the album, it will always remain a body of work that is dear to my heart. 

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Om Unit Threads [Remastered 10 Year Anniversary Edition]
  • 1.Folding Shadows
  • 2.The Silence ft. Jinadu
  • 3.Healing Rain
  • 4.Jus Sayin' ft. Gone The Hero
  • 5.Drift Interlude
  • 6.Reverse Logic
  • 7.Corridor 2013
  • 8.Nagual
  • 9.Patients ft. MC Jabu
  • 10.Deep Sea Pyramid
  • 11.Wall Of Light
  • 12.Jaguar
  • 13.Wicker And Pearl
  • 14.Governer's Bay
  • 15.The Road ft. Charlie Dark

Item code: CIV059RP
Label: Civil Music
Info correct on: 6/11/2023