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The deluxe 4 LP Boxset includes art prints, a photo book commemorating the entire re:member project, an LP that is exclusive to this box of meditative extended sonic textures played on Olafur's patented Stratus Pianos. The other LPs contain the original re:member album, string quartet versions, choir versions and live versions.

The fourth solo album from classical / electronic cross-over talent Olafur Arnalds, who's often heard sparring musically with Nils Frahm. We're really looking forward to hearing this.

The Icelandic multi-instrumentalist and composer's fourth solo LP finds him working with Stratus, a piece of computer software he programmed over two years in collaboration with Halldor Eldjárn. It uses MIDI values triggered by what Arnalds plays on his primary piano (equipped with a Moog Piano Bar) to generate different sequences on two player pianos. The process can create randomized feedback and lead to progressions that might be unplayable by conventional methods. Arnalds has described it as a way to change up his creative thinking: "You get ideas that you would never get otherwise, just because this inspired those ideas." 

4 LP Boxset

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