Nick Mulvey

Thursday 14th September at Banquet Records, 5:00pm

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Just after the release of his new album Nick Mulvey plays in the shop.

Following on from his Mercury Prize nominated debut album, the alternative singer-songwriter sews together a collection of honed in, multi-layered and more groove-based sounds on his second album Wake Up Now, bringing in many strong political themes that run throughout.

It’s also a record that harbours great community, welcoming a host of new and multi-talented musicians with a flourishing skillset. That sense of community was drilled home by Brian Eno in a few pre-recording meet-ups between the two, who implored Nick to open himself up more and consider sharing the weight-load. The idea of opening himself up more has filtered into Nick’s lyrics too, once swathed in metaphor upon metaphor, they’re now at the heart of this record’s identity. Clarity. Humanity.

In-store Grade B.

Anyone is welcome but priority will be given to anyone who orders a copy of Wake Up Now from us.

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Nick Mulvey Thursday 14th September at Banquet Records, 5:00pm
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