Mr Synback



Hailing from UK’s capital, Mr Syn back (Emcee/producer) brings his first solo album Boombaplical. This offering brings the essence of true school boom bap hip hop in the form of dope bars over neck-snapping beats. He has worked with various producers across the capital that are all known affiliates of receptor records for many years.

Mr Synback is more commonly known for his work previously with ILL BREED duo Combined Mentalz. Himself and King Latts have been crafting their cutthroat sound for many years now and this will be released as the first of three in the saga.

Mr Synback Boombaplical
  • 1.Intro
  • 2.Mr Synback
  • 3.Yo Baron
  • 4.Step Up
  • 5.Here Ye Here Ye
  • 6.Definition Ft: King Latts
  • 7.Diamond Cutta
  • 8.Scoffin
  • 9.Raise A Glass

Item code: RR008
Label: Receptor
Info correct on: 21/8/2021


Hip Hop