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The third full length album from the awesome indie-punks Mom Jeans. Following on form 2018's Puppy Love. Fans of Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Oso Oso and Microwave should check this out.

The track services as the introduction to this quasi-conceptual masterpiece; an amuse-bouche of angst and self-discovery. It’s a true structural departure from the garage emo-punk Mom Jeans has been making since 2016, leaning all the way into the radio hits and deep cuts from bands like Third Eye Blind, Blink 182, Oasis, Fountains of Wayne, and more.

One listen will snap brains back to the best parts of Fall Out Boy's Under the Cork Tree and Weezer's Blue Album; every single song has one (or more) of those “moments” that’ll make you stop dead in your tracks and replay.

“Those hits by Blink-182 and Green Day, all those bands, it’s just hooks for days and really excellent songwriting,” says vocalist Eric Butler (he/they). “They really just tried to write incredible songs that would get stuck in people’s heads, so we wanted to try our own version of that. Ear candy is the goal, so Sweet Tooth is the record.”

The result of Mom Jeans' expedition into the Golden Age of snotty pop-punk and cheeky radio rock is a 13-track hit of musical ecstasy, crammed with delicious guitar crunch and infectious melodics beneath teen-to-young adult angst and gleeful abandon.

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Mom Jeans Sweet Tooth

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