Everything is Wrong


LP reissue of Moby's Everything is Wrong

Even more noteworthy is that for all that the album is a definite product of time and place, namely 1994-1995, it stands up to further listens for all the further changes in dance since. Having already made his mark with tracks like "Go," "Next Is the E," and "Move," on Everything Is Wrong Moby attempted to balance out the creation of an album in a complete, single-unit sense with his knack for immediately catchy singles. On the latter point he succeeds perfectly, with the frenetic, jungle-inspired anthemic diva showcase "Feeling So Real" (punctuated just so with English-inspired MC breaks) and the giddily sweet pop-minded house of "Everytime You Touch Me" utterly irresistible. Hints of future changes crop up with the speed metal-via-Ministry reworking of Move EP's "All That I Need Is to Be Loved," but the similarly minded blues/thrash of "What Love" forecasts the ham-handed slogs of Animal Rights all too well.

Everytime You Touch Me

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Moby Everything is Wrong
  • 1.Hymn
  • 2.Feeling So Real
  • 3.All I Need Is To Be Loved
  • 4.Let's Go Free
  • 5.Everytime You Touch Me
  • 6.Bring Back My Happiness
  • 7.What Love
  • 8.First Cool Hive
  • 9.Into The Blue
  • 10.Anthem
  • 11.Everything Is Wrong
  • 12.God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters
  • 13.When It's Cold I'd Like To Die

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Label: Mute
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