MJ Cole

MJ Cole Presents Madrugada


A 12 track record from MJ Cole, moving away from his dance-focused origins towards classical-informed ambience.

“I've made hundreds of records and had albums out before, but this record has always been brewing in the background. It’s been gestating my whole life – but the execution of it has been very quick. I really feel like a new artist.

“This isn’t just me sitting down at the piano and writing something nice and ambient, I’m coming at it as a hardcore manipulator of sounds. You can hear my breath, you can hear the pedal, you can hear the piano as a living instrument. It’s all about expression. When I play the piano I go into a meditative state, other thoughts don't come into my head.”

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MJ Cole MJ Cole Presents Madrugada
  • 1.A Visit to Lolita [2:45]
  • 2.Far Closer [3:10]
  • 3.Cathedral [5:40]
  • 4.Knocking [4:48]
  • 5.Sonoran [4:10]
  • 6.90 Miles [3:44]
  • 7.Solo Waltzer [2:08]
  • 8.Strings for Jodie [3:31]
  • 9.Reimagination [4:37]
  • 10.Psalm 892 [3:44]
  • 11.Dizzy New Heights [4:16]
  • 12.Resolution [2:58]

Item code: 0851749
Label: Decca
Info correct on: 16/3/2020