Mild Minds



Mild Minds is the Grammy nominated brainchild of Benjamin David. He first started creating music at 13 in his home of Australia, and has since found himself as the creative force behind several successful artist projects. Now, with Mild Minds, David has been able to find solace in returning to his dance music roots, creating a project without pressure and expectation.

Along with the first single ‘Movements’, which sees his soothing vocals floating across the tracks danceable synths and smooth percussion, Benjamin is set to release his much anticipated full length LP in 2020 via Foreign Family Collective / Counter Records.

Mild Minds makes a worthy return to Counter Records, delivering a sun-kissed, piano-led club groove featuring the soulful voice of Boats. ‘Walls’ is a deep, spacious house groove defined by shuffling shakers and mellow kick drums, forming a perfect base for the emotive, ascending harmonies provided from the piano. Delicate synth arps chime in and help to form a blissful backdrop for Boats to bring his incredible vocals to.

Mild Minds MOOD
  • 1.Movements
  • 2.Embracer
  • 3.Walls
  • 4.Oblivious
  • 5.Swim
  • 6.Formations
  • 7.Destinations
  • 8.Dopamine
  • 9.Views

Cat no: COUNT203
Label: Counter Records
Info correct on: 5/2/2020