Operation Doomsday (Alternative MC Sleeve)

Double LP

Most recently dispatched: 11 June

"The solo joint that Doom heads remain undivided in their opinion on - it's one of the best! This has all the signature Doomizms that have been refined over time to create the Metal Face Villain's unique personality - twisted and super kooky soul loops and chopped drums with lots of references to old skool hip hop, and his instantly quotable lyricism with some real knowledge behind it..."

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MF DOOM Operation Doomsday (Alternative MC Sleeve)
  • 1.Time We Faced Doom [Skit]
  • 2.Doomsday
  • 3.Rhymes Like Dimes
  • 4.The Finest
  • 5.Back In The Days [Skit]
  • 6.Go With The Flow
  • 7.Tick, Tick...
  • 8.Red And Gold
  • 9.Hands Of Doom [Skit]
  • 10.Who You Think I Am?
  • 11.Doom, Are You Awake? [Skit]
  • 12.Hey!
  • 13.Operation: Greenbacks
  • 14.Mic
  • 15.Mystery Of Doom [Skit]
  • 16.Dead Bent
  • 17.Gas Drawls
  • 18.Hero Vs. Villain

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Info correct on: 8/4/2021


Hip Hop