Love And Compromise


The debut full length album from Mahalia.

In a time of ever-stronger and more iconic female role models, most relavently here the likes of Jorja Smith and Lizzo, Mahalia has found a very comfy position for herself bopping between the seriousness of self-worth and the flirtatiousness and unpredictability of being young and single. Love And Compromise was written as an album for everyone; on those terms, it's an unqualfied, joyous success.

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Mahalia Love And Compromise
  • 1.Hide Out
  • 2.I Wish I Missed My Ex
  • 3.Simmer
  • 4.Good Company
  • 5.What Am I
  • 6.Regular People
  • 7.Karma
  • 8.He's Mine
  • 9.What You Did
  • 10.Do Not Disturb
  • 11.Richie
  • 12.Consistency
  • 13.Square 1

Cat no: 0190295404918
Label: Atlantic / Asylum
Info correct on: 3/9/2019