Double LP

Most recently dispatched: 21 March

A Stones Throw Stone Cold classic, here's what our Buddy Peace said of it in 2004.

"...written in cold blood with a toothpick..."

MF DOOM and Madlib team up for some super villainous travels and adventures! The album that the hip hop world has been waiting on - or has already sessioned to death for a couple of years on the download tip! For those of use who held tight and waited, here it finally is - the finest in dusted deep digging beats with some sicko jazz and funk loops and layers from Madlib (definitely upping his game on this one!) - on top of which MF Doom adds his brilliant wisecracking, subtle punchline flipping cartoonish violence and street saga flows!

"The two go together as perfectly as any two man rap team could, and this album will please the hell out of anyone who got down with Viktor Vaughn, Jaylib, and the whole Stones Throw style in general! My pick of 2004 so far... Superb!" (NB)

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Label: Stones Throw
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