Macro Dubplates / King Tubby / Wu Tang

Macro Dubplates

From the same source as the Mos Def "Mos Dub", Talib Kweli "Dub Kweli" and Jay Z LPs comes another reggae mash-up album, this time bringing together the heavyweight riddims of the dubmaster King Tubby and the microphone antics of the Wu Tang Caln. All the tracks have been skillfully blended by New Zealand super producer Chris Macro - a "Macro Dubplates" session.  Previously available as a download, the set finally sees light of day on vinyl. There are nine cuts including "Brooklyn Battle Axe", "Money Rules Everything Around Me", "Method Man Meets Fat Man", "Pinky Ring Brand New", "Dubbing It Raw", "Criminology Movement" and many more!

Money Rules Everything Around Me

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Macro Dubplates / King Tubby / Wu Tang Macro Dubplates
  • 1.Intro
  • 2.Brooklyn Battle Axe
  • 3.Money Rules Everything Around Me
  • 4.Method Man Meets Fat Man
  • 5.Pinky Ring Brand New
  • 6.Dubbing It Raw
  • 7.Triumph Over Babylon
  • 8.Criminology Movement
  • 9.Earth Cries For The Grassroots

Label: Macro Dubs
Info correct on: 28/7/2018