Lord Echo


Double LP

New Zealand multi-instrumentalist and producer. Originally released in 2013, ‘Curiosities’ is now available as a DJ friendly double LP for the first time.

The entirely self-produced album blends jazz with disco-tinged neo-soul, reggae and classic afro-beat in effortless manner - and joins the dots between the more downtempo first album ‘Melodies’ and the disco, electronic, club-ready of his third album ‘Harmonies’.

The album also features a dub-funk cover of Pharoah Sanders’ “The Creator Has A Master Plan”, with vocals from Lisa Tomlins.

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Lord Echo Curiosities
  • 1.Endless Dawn
  • 2.Lord Echo ft. Toby Laing - Bohemian Idol
  • 3.Digital Haircut
  • 4.Street Knowledge
  • 5.Lord Echo feat. Leila Adu - Molten Lava
  • 6.Lord Echo feat Mara TK - Put It In My Head
  • 7.Lord Echo feat Lisa Tomlins - The Creator Has a Master Plan
  • 8.Ghost Hands
  • 9.What Is That Feeling
  • 10.Arabesque

Item code: SNDWLP133
Info correct on: 22/8/2019