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The seventh studio album from genre-defying band Linkin Park. Renowned for their wild creative choices, shifting pace form song to song and album to album, One More Light aims for a much poppier sound in comparison to 2014's The Hunting Party, which was predominantly a heavy-metal based album. One More Light thrives on huge hooks, cathartic lyrics and colossal electronics.

One More Light is a moment in time. It’s built on personal stories, sweat- stained and reeling from injuries—the product of six voices, each coming clean about their lives and struggles, as if it were the first time. We get an unobstructed view into what makes the band tick as people, fathers, husbands, musicians, and friends.

Vocalist / producer Mike Shinoda recalls, “Normally, our songs will start with a riff or a beat. But these songs started with a conversation. We’d say, ‘what do I feel like singing about today? What’s on my mind?’ Starting with the concept and lyrics was the complete chronological opposite of our normal writing process. It turned the whole writing process on its head, starting with words. Once vocals and chords were written, we got to do the fun part, which was making each song sound cool.”

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Linkin Park One More Light
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