Lily Allen

No Shame


The long awaited fourth studio album from Lily Allen, following on form 2014's Sheezus., the album focuses on themes much more personal themes, including breakdown of marriage, motherhood and identity crisis. 

“I believe that we as humans work through things by talking about them, and that’s what making music is, for me. It’s sharing things that you hope are going to connect with people, not that are going to connect with algorithms... I think we are so led by outside forces in terms of the way we express ourselves nowadays, because we’re so scared of what comes back. It’s something I’ve always wanted to explore. It’s why I went into it at the beginning, when it felt a lot more free.”

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Lily Allen No Shame
  • 1.Come On
  • 2.Trigger Bang
  • 3.What You Waiting For?
  • 4.Your Choice
  • 5.Lost My Mind
  • 6.Higher
  • 7.Family Man
  • 8.Apples
  • 9.Three
  • 10.Everything To Feel* Something
  • 11.Washed
  • 12.My One
  • 13.Pushing Up Daisies
  • 14.Cake

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Info correct on: 21/5/2018