Call Of The Weasel Clan (vinyl re-issue)

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Over the decade or so we've been running the shop there's few bands that have been as special to us as Lightyear, so we're very happy to be giving both albums a long overdue vinyl release.  

This, the debut, of the Derby band's "ska-punk-chaos" is now over ten years old but sounds as great and fun as it did back then.  No-one's come close to matching them. 

Lightyear - Chris' Gentlemen's Haridresser... LP also available here

Slam Dunk warm-up 2015 pic by James Perou

still got it in 2015

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Lightyear Call Of The Weasel Clan (vinyl re-issue)
  • 1.Tread Lightly Speak Dearly
  • 2.24:04
  • 3.Blindside
  • 4.Three Basics
  • 5.Bye Rights
  • 6.They Left Today
  • 7.Bomb Ibiza
  • 8.Pre-Teen Propaganda
  • 9.Shatner's Bassoon
  • 10.George, My Shit
  • 11.Positive Outlook
  • 12.A Pack Of Dogs

Cat no: KT1033
Label: Banquet Records
Info correct on: 22/11/2016