Laurel Aitken

Scandal In A Brixton Market


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A must have reissue for all reggae fans, Scandal In A Brixton Market sold out extremely quickly upon it's release back in 1969 and has been out of print since. 45+ years on, this collection of songs from the highly influential Laurel Aitken still stands strong.

As the sixties came to a close, Laurel Aitken was firmly established as Britian's favourite Jamaican performer, enormously popular with members of both the country's West Indian ex-pat communities and its rapidly growing Reggae-loving Skinhead population.

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Laurel Aitken Scandal In A Brixton Market
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  • 1.Scandal In A Brixton Market
  • 2.Madame Straggae
  • 3.Stupid Married Man
  • 4.Tammering
  • 5.Have Mercy
  • 6.Night Cricket
  • 7.Run Powell Run
  • 8.Teddy Bear
  • 9.Mr. Soul
  • 10.Woke Up This Morning
  • 11.Babylon
  • 12.Stop The War In Vietnam

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