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Deluxe double CD reissue of KMD's second album. It includes a second disc of bonus material including rare cuts, remixes and instrumentals, and a 32-page booklet of liner notes and rare photos compiled by Brian Coleman, featuring interviews with MF DOOM, Pete Nice, Dante Ross and Bobbito Garcia

Originally scheduled for release in the spring of 1994, their label unceremoniously shelved it at the eleventh hour due to controversy over the provocative cover art. Surviving group member MF Doom (then known as Zev Love X) – as fans know, his younger brother Subroc was killed in 1993 – tried to release the album on other labels, but met more dead ends. Sadly, it languished in hip-hop purgatory until six years later. Even then, the album had only a limited release via small indie labels.

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  • LP double Back In Soon!
  • 1.Garbage Day
  • 2.Get-U-Now
  • 3.What A Nigga Know?
  • 4.Sweet Premium Wine
  • 5.Plumskinzz (Loose Hoe, God & Cupid)
  • 6.Smokin' That S*#%! (feat. Earthquake, Kurious, & Lord Sear)
  • 7.Contact Blitt
  • 8.Gimme!
  • 9.Black Bastards!
  • 10.It Sounded Like A Roc!
  • 11.Plum Skinzz (Oh No, I Don't Believe It !)
  • 12.Constipated Monkey
  • 13.F*@# Wit' Ya Head!
  • 14.Suspended Animation
  • 15.What A Nigga Know? (Remix) (feat. MF Grimm)
  • 16.Q3-113 (Bonus Track)
  • CD double Back In Soon!
  • 1.Garbage Day #3
  • 2.Get-U-Now
  • 3.What A Nigga Know?
  • 4.Sweet Premium Wine
  • 5.Plumskinnz (Loose Hoe, God & Cupid)
  • 6.Smokin' That Shit!
  • 7.Contact Blitt
  • 8.Gimme!
  • 9.Black Bastards
  • 10.It Sounded Like A Roc!
  • 11.Plumskinnz (Oh No I Don't Believe It)
  • 12.Constipated Monkey
  • 13.F*A# Wit' Ya Head!!
  • 14.Suspended Animation
  • 15.Get You Now
  • 16.Popcorn
  • 17.Contact Blitz
  • 18.Sweet Premium Wine
  • 19.What A Nigga Know (Album Version)
  • 20.What A Nigga Know (Remix Vocal feat.MF Grimm)
  • 21.Constipated Monkey (Album Version)
  • 22.Constipated Monkey (Q3 Album Version)
  • 23.It Sounded Like A Roc (Vocal)
  • 24.Stop Smokin' That Shit (Vocal)
  • 25.Get You Now (Instrumental)
  • 26.Popcorn (Instrumental)
  • 27.Contact Blitz (Instrumental)
  • 28.Garbage Day III (Instrumental)
  • 29.What A Nigga Know? (LP Instrumental)
  • 30.Constipated Monkey (LP Instrumental)
  • 31.It Sounded Like A Roc (Instrumental)
  • 32.Stop Smokin' That Shit (Instrumental)

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Label: Traffic Entertainment Group
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