Kid Koala / Trixie Whitley

Music To Draw To: Io

Double LP

The second volume in the series from Kid Koala with his ambient/vocal Music To Draw To series.

Trixie Whitley is a phenomenon, truly a force of nature. She’s able to dive down and channel something truly profound and personal. I’ve witnessed her in that zone on stage but didn’t know what would happen in the studio, especially over this type of musical backdrop. We spoke briefly about the narrative of the album before recording. She was able to make each of the song’s characters her own, giving them a voice to a level that surpassed anything I could have ever imagined. Her singing can be sweet and nurturing, bold and powerful, or chilling and sinister, but it’s always Trixie Whitley. The emotional range she achieves on these tracks is just awe inspiring to me.

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Kid Koala / Trixie Whitley Music To Draw To: Io
  • 1.Circle of Clouds
  • 2.All For You (ft. Trixie Whitley)
  • 3.Torus
  • 4.Transmission 4
  • 5.Lost at Sea (ft. Trixie Whitley)
  • 6.Shielded
  • 7.Liminality
  • 8.Transmission 5
  • 9.Hera's Song (ft. Trixie Whitley)
  • 10.Transmission 6
  • 11.Allotropic
  • 12.Diamond Heart (ft. Trixie Whitley)
  • 13.Resonance
  • 14.Escape of Io (ft. Trixie Whitley)
  • 15.Emuii
  • 16.Aphelion
  • 17.Look-Back Time (ft. Trixie Whitley)
  • 18.The Moons of Gallileo

Cat no: AC166LP
Info correct on: 4/12/2018