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Romantic Works

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A colletion of instrumental "bedroom classical" songs from the talented Keaton Henson.

Romantic Works, Henson's third album, sprang from a series of quiet instrumental pieces he wrote. As their numbers mounted, he decided to learn the arts of orchestration and arrangement, even though he couldn't read or write music, taking inspiration from Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass, Henryk Gorecki, Edward Elgar, Ralph Vauhan Williams and Saint-Saëns. The result is a collection of songs from cello, woodwind and piano, which he describes as "bedroom classical" – since he recorded the whole thing in his bedroom – with layers built using found objects and charity shop instruments

Healah Dancing

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Keaton Henson Romantic Works
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  • 1.Preface
  • 2.Elevator Song
  • 3.Healah Dancing
  • 4.Field
  • 5.Josella
  • 6.Petrichor
  • 7.Earnestly Yours
  • 8.Nearly Curtains
  • 9.Emissary

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