Joey Negro

Italo House

Double CD
LP #1
LP #2
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Now it’s the turn of “Italo House” to get the JN selection treatment with over 20 tracks hand picked from the late 80’s and early 90’s covering a lot of the deeper classics and some lesser known releases from a golden era of Italian dance music. The late 80s were undoubtedly a golden era for dance music. A time which saw the birth of many genres and sub genres - from acid house to hardcore to Balearic - and of course Italo house. If you ask Jo Raver to name an Italo house track, they'd probably come back with Blackbox, Jinny, Fiddlefatti or one of many big piano tune. At the same time there was another equally distinctive sound coming out of Italy- a warmer, deeper, more emotional style which didn't yield any commercial hits. The sound was more jazzy and soulful with syncopated percussion, dreamy pads and, though piano was often used, it wasn't in the obviously programmed, big breakdown style which became a cliché of the Italo house genre. This more underground side of Italo was closer to the original American house sound- but still retained a very European flavour.

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Joey Negro Italo House
  • 1.Don Carlos - Alone (Paradise Version) [LP #1]
  • 2.Paradise Orchestra - Satisfy Your Dreams (Club Mix) [LP #1]
  • 3.Double Dealers feat. Opi Williams - My Love (Club Version) [LP #1]
  • 4.Korda - Move Your Body (To The Sound) (Club Mix) [LP #1]
  • 5.Omniverse - Never Get Enough (Sunday Morning Mix) [LP #1]
  • 6.Jestofunk - I'm Gonna Love You (Club Mix) [LP #1]
  • 7.Montego Bay - Everything (S-Tone Mix) [LP #1]
  • 8.D-Rail- Bring It On Down (Dub) [LP #1]
  • 9.Shafty - Deep Inside (Soul Trance Mix)
  • 10.Steve Banzara - Black (Jaco Version) [LP #1]
  • 11.Nexy Lanton - You Too (Atmosphere Version) [LP #2]
  • 12.Mr Marvin - Entity (Jazzy)
  • 13.Aural - Desire (Martini Club Mix)
  • 14.Arkanoid - Alpha Centauri (Extended Remix) [LP #2]
  • 15.Key Tronics Ensemble - House of Calypso [LP #2]
  • 16.M.C.J feat. Sima - Sexitivity (Club Mix) [LP #2]
  • 17.Lipstick Traces - I Want You (Claim Mix)
  • 18.DJ Le Roy feat. Bocachica - Yo Te Quiero (Detroit Version) [LP #2]
  • 19.Latin Blood - Deseo (Salsa Club Mix)
  • 20.Soft House Company - What You Need (Original Mix) [LP #2]
  • 21.Centric House -Alright Alright (Seaside Mix)
  • 22.Love Quartet - Kiss Me (Don' Be Afraid) [LP #2]
  • 23.Funkmaster Sweat- House of Latin
  • 24.Carol Bailey - Understand Me (Dreams Piano Remix) [LP #2]

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