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Found In The Smoke

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The debut solo album from the excellent alternative singer-songwriter Joe Vann, you'll recognise him well as From Indian Lakes. On Found In The Smoke, Joe Vann has taken a slightly stripped back and more dream-pop sounding approach filled with lush atmospherics, but his distinct and catchy melodies are still in full force. Fans of Bon Iver, Balance & Composure and Mat Kerekes should check this out.

Joe Vann’s new record is a literal and spiritual homecoming. The singer-songwriter’s debut solo LP, 'Found In The Smoke', is an intimate rummage through his past: it weds the freewheeling experimental aesthetics of his beloved indie band, From Indian Lakes, with the music traditions on which he was reared while growing up in a trailer on an acreage in rural northern California. The result is an emo-meets-outlaw Americana love letter - like Justin Vernon and Townes Van Zandt locked in a cabin in the Sierra Nevada for months - with phosphorescent synths, hushed vocals, and hardy guitar work.

It’s the work of a musician who left a childhood of no electricity and creek-swimming, lived the indie rock dream, and has now returned home with nothing left to prove.

“I couldn’t have written this when I was growing up where I grew up,” Vann says. “Now, I’m going back to it, and writing from a place that’s not just, ‘I’m a guy from out in the middle of nowhere in the mountains.’ Instead, it’s someone who’s lived a little, and come back.”

From Indian Lakes in the shop - 2015

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