Jean Michel Blais

Matthias Et Maxime


French-Canadian composer and pianist Jean-Michel Blais will release the soundtrack to celebrated Canadian director Xavier. Dolan’s film release, ‘Matthias & Maxime’, on Mercury KX. The Montreal-based composer was chosen by the acclaimed actor and film-maker to write the music for the film, which received its world premiere on 22nd May at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, and will be in cinemas from October.

Jean Michel Blais Matthias Et Maxime
  • 1.L'amitie
  • 2.Les feuilles mortes
  • 3.Le lac
  • 4.La blessure I (skit)
  • 5.La blessure I
  • 6.Le souper
  • 7.La solitude (skit)
  • 8.La solitude
  • 9.La blessure II
  • 10.La ferme
  • 11.Un autre amour

Item code: 817542
Label: Mercury KX
Info correct on: 3/12/2019