Jack Savoretti

Sleep No More / Live And Acoustic

2 CD

A special edition of the acclaimed album from Jack Savoretti, featuring a second disc of acoustic and live versions of tracks.

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Jack Savoretti Sleep No More / Live And Acoustic
  • 1.When We Were Lovers
  • 2.Deep Waters
  • 3.Iâ??m Yours
  • 4.Helpless
  • 5.We Are Bound
  • 6.Tight Rope
  • 7.Troubled Souls
  • 8.Only You
  • 9.Sleep No More
  • 10.Any Other Way
  • 11.Start Living In The Moment
  • 12.Lullaby Loving
  • 13.Whiskey Tango
  • 14.Soldiers Eyes (live)
  • 15.Breaking The Rules (live)
  • 16.Home (live)
  • 17.Other Side Of Love (live)
  • 18.Tie Me Down (live)
  • 19.When We Were Lovers (Acoustic Version)
  • 20.Deep Waters (Acoustic Version)
  • 21.Start Living In The Moment (Acoustic Version)
  • 22.Only You (Acoustic Version)
  • 23.I'm Yours (Acoustic Version)
  • 24.Whiskey Tango (Demo)

Cat no: 538319230
Label: BMG
Info correct on: 21/2/2019