J Dilla

Donuts (Smile Cover)

LP double

Most recently dispatched: 20 February

A modern classic re-issued on double LP, the album is mainly instrumental hip-hop, composed mostly of remixed sampled snippets, it received universal acclaim upon release from critics and it's legacy is undeniable.

"an album of explosions and restraint, of precisely crafted balances and absurd breakdowns, of the senselessly affecting juxtaposition of the most powerful of dreams." - Michael Frauenhofer, PopMatters

"Donuts was by far the album I've listened to most over the past year, and I feel like almost any of the songs off there I could say is my favourite." - Panda Bear

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J Dilla Donuts (Smile Cover)
  • 1.Donuts (Outro)
  • 2.Workinonit
  • 3.Waves
  • 4.Light My Fire
  • 5.The New
  • 6.Stop
  • 7.People
  • 8.The Diff'rence
  • 9.Mash
  • 10.Time: The Donut of the Heart
  • 11.Glazed
  • 12.Airworks
  • 13.Lightworks
  • 14.Stepson of the Clapper
  • 15.The Twister (Huh, What)
  • 16.One Eleven
  • 17.Two Can Win
  • 18.Don't Cry
  • 19.Anti-American Graffiti
  • 20.Geek Down
  • 21.Thunder
  • 22.Gobstopper
  • 23.One for Ghost
  • 24.Dilla Says Go
  • 25.Walkinonit
  • 26.The Factory
  • 27.U-Love
  • 28.Hi.
  • 29.Bye.
  • 30.Last Donut of the Night
  • 31.Welcome to the Show

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