The highly anticipated debut album from the seven-piece indie-punk collective itoldyouiwouldeatyou. Give this a go if you're into the likes of Orchards, American Football, TTNG, or The World Is...

‘Gold Rush’ - vocalist Joey Ashworth said: “This song is about not wanting to feel stuck in my body anymore, stuck in cycles of self harm. It’s about choosing to fight something other than myself. The marginalised people in your life are asking you to fight with them. Join them. Help. It is worth the pain for those you love. Breath in. Breath out. We can do it. The world might be ending but I’d rather be side to side with those who need my support than scared in the corner. Don’t leave me hanging.”

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  • 1.Earl, King, Whatever
  • 2.Gold Rush
  • 3.Young American
  • 4.Almost Zero
  • 5.Gathering Things Together and Not Dividing Them
  • 6.Get Terrified
  • 7.Craiglockhart
  • 8.Greek Fire
  • 9.Goodbye To All That

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Info correct on: 24/10/2018