Husker Du

Savage Young Du

LP boxset
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A collection of songs taken from the origins of the punk-rock icons Husker Du, remastered from the original board tapes, demos and session masters. 4 LPs or 3 CDs, 47 of the 69 tracks are previously unissed, comes with a hardbound book full of rare photos, flyers, an essay

“We created this blistering wall of sound—bright white radio static with occasional melody.”  - Bob Mould

“It was like rolling down a hill aware of the bumps, but focusing on blowing people’s minds and completely wearing out the audience.” - Grant Hart

“We didn’t know what hardcore was. We just got up there and played real fast and loud.” - Greg Norton

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Husker Du Savage Young Du
  • 1.Do You Remember?
  • 2.Sore Eyes
  • 3.Can't See You Anymore
  • 4.Picture Of You
  • 5.The Truth Hurts
  • 6.Do The Bee
  • 7.Nuclear Nightmare
  • 8.All I've Got To Lose Is You
  • 9.Chinese Rocks
  • 10.Uncle Ron
  • 11.Data Control
  • 12.Insects Rule The World
  • 13.You're Too Obtuse
  • 14.Outside
  • 15.Sexual Economics
  • 16.What Went Wrong?
  • 17.Statues
  • 18.Amusement
  • 19.Writer's Cramp
  • 20.Let's Go Die
  • 21.Walk With The Wounded
  • 22.Industrial Grocery Store
  • 23.Drug Party
  • 24.Call On Me
  • 25.Termination
  • 26.I'm Tired Of Doing Things
  • 27.Stick It To Me
  • 28.Wheels
  • 29.All Tensed Up
  • 30.Don't Try To Call
  • 31.I'm Not Interested
  • 32.Guns At My School
  • 33.Push The Button
  • 34.Gilligan's Island
  • 35.MTC
  • 36.Don't Have A Life
  • 37.You're Naive
  • 38.Strange Week
  • 39.Big Sky
  • 40.Ultracore
  • 41.Let's Go Die
  • 42.Won't Say A Word
  • 43.Don't Try It
  • 44.Private Hell
  • 45.Diane
  • 46.Sex Dolls
  • 47.In A Free Land
  • 48.What Do I Want?
  • 49.M.I.C.
  • 50.Target
  • 51.Signals From Above
  • 52.From The Gut
  • 53.Blah, Blah, Blah
  • 54.Punch Drunk
  • 55.Bricklayer
  • 56.Afraid Of Being Wrong
  • 57.Sunshine Superman
  • 58.Signals From Above
  • 59.Everything Falls Apart
  • 60.Wheels
  • 61.Target
  • 62.Obnoxious
  • 63.Gravity
  • 64.Do You Remember?
  • 65.Travel In Opposite Car
  • 66.It's Not Funny Anymore
  • 67.Real World
  • 68.Out On A Limb
  • 69.It's Not Fair

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