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Shatterproof Is Not A Challenge

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Original Sony release.

"'Shatterproof Is Not A Challenge' is 100% proof of Hundred Reasons' staying power. With the UK scene currently drowned in the murky swamp of Funeral For A Million Prophets and Hiding With Silences, and 'Best British Band' plaudits awarded on a daily basis, HR are a shining example of proper British rock music. From the growling, bass-heavy strains of 'Savanna' through to the acoustic ponderings of 'Makeshift', it's good to say that rock is now back in the safest of hands." - DrownedInSound.com

Hundred Reasons... Where can you start to explain not only the quality but also the importance of this band to the UK and world rock? This, the second album from the Brit-rockers, is unpretentious but exquisite, powerfully heavy but with intricate mellow break downs, pop and metal, substance and style. Includes live favourites 'My Sympathy' and 'Harmony', singles 'Great Test' and 'What You Get' and soon to be classics 'Pop' and '80MPH'

Quality. Essential.

Stories With Unhappy Endings
What You Get
The Great Test
My Sympathy
Still Be Here
Truth With Elegance

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Hundred Reasons Shatterproof Is Not A Challenge
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