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Very Very Limited official bootleg from Hundred Reasons, a Banquet Records exclusive.

As Larry from the band explains: "As a band we rely heavily on our wonderfully loyal fan base that years of touring have secured us. Not the 'comers and go-ers' that radio play and the like attracts. Your support means more than you know.

What you are looking at is an 'official bootleg', recorded and presented to you by Hundred Reasons. It is not an all-singing, all-dancing big budget live album and will not be available over the counter in any shop. It is possible you will be the only person you know who owns this record.

We recorded these songs on the road during March 2004. All it took was our own pro-tools recording rig, a bunch of dodgy cables, gaffa tape and some plastic sheeting. Brother Steve Gurney did the live sound (as he has for nearly four glorious years) and it was my job to sift through it all and do some rough mixes for this release, which I did in one day in our South London rehearsal room. That is all it took, I did not 'fix' anything using the wonders of modern technology. No drums were moved and no vocals were tuned which, beleive me, is a rarity nowadays. What you hear is what you get. Enjoy..."


1) I'll FInd You
2) If I Could
3) Harmony
4) Dissolve
5) Drowning
6) Savanna
7) Remmus
8) Stories
9) My Sympathy
10) Pop
11) Falter
12) What You Gey
13) Silver

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Hundred Reasons Live Bootleg
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