Hudson Mohawke

Hudson’s Heeters Vol. 1


It all started this summer with a collaboration with Chris Simpson’s artist - the producer then released a trilogy of archival releases clearing the vault of a handful of long sought after classics.

On the back of gracing the cover of December’s issue of DJ Mag Hudson Mohawke offered a glitter laden 3-tape cassette pack of the classic material - a limited holiday offering.

He followed that up with a BRAINDEAD collaboration hoodie celebrating the trilogy and today he announces HUDSON'S HEETERS VOL. 1 - the release that caught the eye of Warp and led to his eventual signing to the label. This is the first time Hudson’s Heeters Vol. 1 has ever been released on vinyl.

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Hudson Mohawke Hudson’s Heeters Vol. 1
  • 1.Intro
  • 2.You Got Money
  • 3.Star Of A Story
  • 4.Free Mo
  • 5.Apple Cores
  • 6.Oversized Pencil Break
  • 7.No One Could Ever
  • 8.Polkadot Blues
  • 9.The Harvest
  • 10.Are You Feeling Hot
  • 11.Moogli
  • 12.Waldo's Gift
  • 13.Bottle Caps
  • 14.Overnight

Item code: WARPLP322
Label: Warp
Info correct on: 11/3/2021