Holding Absence

The Noble Art Of Self Destruction

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Third album from Kingston visitors Holding Absence, the final instalment in the trilogy which encompasses the band's first chapter.

Holding Absence’s new album is a testament to how our life’s story is never fully told, with opportunities for change and growth found in every moment, from the depths of despair to the euphoria of our greatest loves. Whether adding flourishes of colour to an already picturesque painting, or chiselling away at the marble to reveal the beauty within, The Noble Art of Self-Destruction – the final act in a trilogy of records encompassing the first chapter of Holding Absence’s career – speaks to how we are each an unfinished work of art with new meanings and qualities waiting to be discovered.

...it’s important for Lucas to emphasise how this album represents that what’s come so far is just the beginning of Holding Absence’s journey. “Our first album (2019’s Holding Absence) was about love, The Greatest Mistake of My Life was about loss, and this album is about the person that’s left at the end of that, and the lessons they’ve learned from their trauma. It’s the end of a trilogy – the album art literally says this is part three of three – but it’s not the end of Holding Absence. The Noble Art of Self-Destruction ends on a note of hope, of looking forward free of fear and of embracing yourself, cracks and all. I think that’s something to be really proud of.”

Holding Absence at Banquet - photo by Jez Pennington

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Holding Absence The Noble Art Of Self Destruction
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