Holding Absence

Holding Absence

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The hugely anticipated debut full length album from the rapidly rising Holding Absence. Monumental songs that fuse a wave of emotion with melodic post-hardcore instrumentation. If you're into the likes of Casey, Architects, PVRIS or Movements, then you'll definitely find something in Holding Absence.

To feel is to be human and to be human is the most pure thing we have in this life. By breaking down the barriers of what we feel everyday, Holding Absence are diving into the deepest corners of our psyche and pulling out feelings that we didn’t even know we had the capacity to conjure. In many ways, this band is merely a catalyst for something much bigger than just guitars and bass and drums and words, and that’s something that Lucas has realised more and more as time has gone on.“Someone once came up to me and said that Holding Absence is the sound of every big emotion I have ever felt, all of the happiness and all of the sadness. It made me think that there is so much more to this than just making music.”

Holding Absence in the shop - photo by Jez Pennington

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  • 1.Perish
  • 2.Your Love (Has Ruined My Life)
  • 3.Like A Shadow
  • 4.You Are Everything
  • 5.Marigold
  • 6.To Fall Asleep
  • 7.Monochrome
  • 8.A Godsend
  • 9.Last Of The Evening Light
  • 10.Purge
  • 11.Wilt

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