Heart Attack Man

Freak of Nature

LP transparent orange

Most recently dispatched: 17 February

New full length album from the awesome, heavy pop-punkers Heart Attack Man. Check this out if you're into the likes of hot Mulligan, The Wonder Years, Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Free Throw or Can't Swim.

"Hello everyone, it’s me Heart Attack Man. Whom up freaking they nature? Haters will say it’s fake but we’re releasing our new album Freak Of Nature on May 26th.

Anyway, here’s more about the new song from our overlord and saviour Eric Egan:

“‘Freak Of Nature’ is the most solidified Heart Attack Man song we’ve written to date. It cranks it all up to eleven and condenses everything we’ve done into the most potent version of our sound in the form of a true weirdo anthem. Lyrically, I really wanted to zero in on embracing feelings of abnormality and a lifelong sense of being out of place. I’ve always felt a sense of anxiety like I’m about to get yelled at or arrested, and this song is that sentiment flipped into a celebration.”

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