Haynesy / Jabbathakut

Haynesy Hip Hop Edits


Daddy Sets Off is the perfect party starter. One of the Golden Era’s best-loved rappers gets things going with a typically laconic flow over tight drum breaks, frantic bass and guitars and some very tasteful cut and paste action.

Who’s A Big Mouth is a brass driven nugget from one of Brooklyn’s finest rap groups that’s been given more a little more club friendly bounce from Haynesy and some serious scratching skills from Jabbathakut. One that might easily be dedicated to everyone’s least favourite U.S. President!

An essential slab of hip hop heat courtesy of your favourite Dubplate provider!

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Haynesy / Jabbathakut Haynesy Hip Hop Edits
  • 1.Daddy Sets Off
  • 2.Who's A Big Mouth?

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