Oblivion Hymns

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Vinyl reissue of the sixth studio album from the ambient / post-rockers Hammock, originally released in 2013.

"Hammock reworks their ambient post-rock sound on their latest album, moving in a more neo classical musical direction while adding a string quartet, horns, accordion, glockenspiel, a children’s choir and more to their layers of atmospheric shoegazer guitars for an often-transportive set of glacial instrumentals." 

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Hammock Oblivion Hymns
  • 1.My Mind Was a Fog… My Heart Became a Bomb
  • 2.Then the Quiet Explosion
  • 3.Turning Into Tiny Particles… Floating Through Empty Space
  • 4.Like a Valley with No Echo
  • 5.Holding Your Absence
  • 6.Shored Against the Ruins… Drowning in Ten Directions
  • 7.I Could Hear the Water at the Edge of All Things
  • 8.In the Middle of This Nowhere
  • 9.Hope Becomes a Loss
  • 10.Tres Dominé

Item code: HMK011LP
Label: Hammock Music
Info correct on: 24/11/2022


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