LP green/yellow/splatter

The new full length album from the acclaimed grime / metalcore crossover group Hactivist.

“There are so many things wrong with the way humanity is. We’re self-destructive and everybody knows it. It’s in a lot of films, especially in science fiction. But that dark future is no longer fiction and it’s very clear that we’re on a downwards path. If I buy a bottle of something to drink, it’s going to be sold in plastic and I’m going to feel guilt about that. Take a look at any city around the world – there’s so much opulence and grandeur on show, but look closely enough and you’ll find people living on the streets, homeless. Where is this going? There are islands of plastic bottles in the sea now, but we only have this one planet. It’s mad. It’s all tilting downwards, and into the mouth’s of the rich.”

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Hacktivist Hyperdialect
  • 1.Anti Emcees
  • 2.Luminosity
  • 3.Lifeform
  • 4.Armoured Core [4:07]
  • 5.Turning Tables
  • 6.Currency
  • 7.Hyperdialect
  • 8.Dogs of War [3:54]
  • 9.Ultima Dies
  • 10.Planet Zero [2:47]
  • 11.How Dare You Exist
  • 12.Reprogram [4:27]

Item code: UNFD130CD
Label: UNFD
Info correct on: 3/6/2021