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Goat Girl

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Exclusive indies LP is on violet coloured vinyl.

We've got a limited amount of A4 zines to give away with the LP, these are nicely printed and A4 sized, no extra cost for P&P.

We've got a limited amount of A2/A1ish sized, doubled sided posters to give away with the album, they're free but you'll have to pay a little extra on P&P.

The highly anticipated self-titled debut album from Goat Girl. Unapologetically unique and compelling songs with a wide range of sounds and influences with a punk/rock attitude from South London.

It’s a very English album - sharp-eyed observations like The Kinks, louche rage like The Slits - but it’s also full of swampy, swaggering guitars and singer Lottie’s filthy drawl. Each member brings a diverse range of influences and contributions, ranging from krautrock to bossa nova, jazz to blues. They resist being boxed in to an indie, guitar-based genre, and focused intensely on the layers and textures of each song as well as the different contexts they could sit within.

Goat Girl at The Fighting Cocks

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  • 1.Salty Sounds
  • 2.Burn the Stake
  • 3.Creep
  • 4.Viper Fish
  • 5.A Swamp Dog's Tale
  • 6.Cracker Drool
  • 7.Slowly Reclines
  • 8.The Man with No Heart or Brain
  • 9.Moonlit Monkey
  • 10.The Man
  • 11.Lay Down
  • 12.I Don't Care Part 1
  • 13.Hank's Theme
  • 14.I Don't Care Part 2
  • 15.Throw Me a Bone
  • 16.Dance of Dirty Leftovers
  • 17.Little Liar
  • 18.Country Sleaze
  • 19.Tomorrow

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