Safe Sins

LP coloured

Safe Sins, the debut record from Philadelphia band Gladie, begins with a prayer: “I close my eyes, pretend to pray/That this shame would just fuck off today,” sings Augusta Koch, her familiar timbre floating atop a wave of bleary-eyed synths on opener “Pray.” It’s a gentle, hymnal introduction to a record that ducks from jangly power pop to plucky indie rock, scrappy electronic psych jams to swaying shoegaze. The record borrows its title from Koch’s personal poetry theme book: Safe Sins is a place of safety, acceptance, and progress. It is a record about isolation, loss, and dismantling shame and grief through self-analysis.

Gladie Safe Sins
  • 1.Pray
  • 2.When You Leave The Sun
  • 3.A Pace Far Different
  • 4.Twenty Twenty
  • 5.Even At Your Easel
  • 6.Cosmic Joke
  • 7.Paper Bags
  • 8.Overlooking The Lake
  • 9.Parlor
  • 10.Choose

Item code: LMO64LPC2
Label: Lame-O Records
Info correct on: 4/2/2020