Gender Roles



Most recently dispatched: 15 February

The highly anticiapted debut full length album from the awesome Brighton based indie-punks Gender Roles, released via Big Scary Monsters.

Recorded with producer Ian Sadler at Emeline Studios in Kent over 10 days, the album takes both the angst and charm of Gender Roles’ sound to date and elevates them, making it the most complete piece of work they’ve done so far. “Hey With Two Whys” is a playful take on notions of self-doubt, whereas the mighty “Bubble” best exhibits the band’s impressive dynamic shifts. Bennett’s approach to topics such as loss highlight an additional nuance to his lyrics, while the band as a whole sound fuller and more robust than on any other previous material.

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  • 1.You Look Like Death
  • 2.Always
  • 3.Deep End
  • 4.Hey with Two Whys
  • 5.Ickie
  • 6.Your War
  • 7.Tip of My Tongue
  • 8.School's Out
  • 9.That's How You Want It to Be
  • 10.Bubble

Item code: BSM258CD
Label: Big Scary Monsters
Info correct on: 20/6/2019