Gavin Osborn

In The Twee Small Hours


'In The Twee Small Hours' was recorded live over two nights. The aim was to create one of those records you put on when you're padding about the flat at 4:15am, neither awake nor tired but ready for a cup of tea. Musically, Gavin is influenced by Billy Bragg, Ben Folds, The Mountain Goats and Frank Sinatra. This is because he likes funny, whimsical, bitter-sweet, political, twee little songs, but also, he sure loves a showman.

1. how dolphins rescued me from sharks

2. the first recorder playing rock n' roll star

3. soundtrack

4. intro to jamie cook

5. jamie cook

6. platform girl

7. intro to charlie brown

8. charlie brown

9. part of the furniture

10. left side from my right

11. the slightest touch

12. the greatest thing there is

13. intro to 20th century joy

14. 20th century joy


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Gavin Osborn In The Twee Small Hours

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