Gang of Four

Happy Now

LP regular
LP splatter - Indies Exclusive

Indies exclusive LP is on white splatter vinyl.

The new full length album from the post-punk legends Gang Of Four, big, hook-heavy and engaging tunes. Give this a listen if you're into the likes of LCD Soundsystem, The Horrors or St. Vincent.

“We have short memories, maybe the world has not changed so much. Polarization is not new. We had an idea that we moved forward with; but now it’s crumbled and turned to dust. What was solid is now 'Paper Thin'. Once, we could shut the door but we can no longer, the outside world will get to us, constantly, all the time.”

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Gang of Four Happy Now
  • 1.Toreador
  • 2.Alpha Male
  • 3.One True Friend
  • 4.Ivanka: 'My Names On It'
  • 5.Don't Ask Me
  • 6.Change The Locks
  • 7.I'm A Liar
  • 8.White Lies
  • 9.Paper Thin
  • 10.Lucky

Cat no: GO413CD
Label: Gang of Four
Info correct on: 25/3/2019