Nearer My God

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The much awaited third album from one of our favourite modern punk bands, Foxing. A brilliant mix of emo, math rock, post hardcore and indie - all the good stuff.

The record tackles such weighted subjects as religion, mental illness, political instability, global disaster and the near constant sense of impending doom. The band reflects these feelings in the albums own title which is taken from the name of a 19th-century hymn said to be the song played as the Titanic sank.

Nearer My God is an indie rock band making a record that aspires to be something far bigger than ’80s or ’90s nostalgia. The festival-ready stomp of “Grand Paradise” is Foxing’s answer to “Airbag,” “Zebra,” or M83’s “Intro,” the leadoff track that doesn’t “level up” so much as shout that an already great band is playing a completely different game. While the title track and “Bastardizer” are laser-lit, howl-and-point anthems that could conceivably elevate them to the status of alt-emo festival staples like Manchester Orchestra or Circa Survive, there’s not much contemporary comparison to the nine-minute ambient odyssey “Five Cups” or the IDM-goes-post-hardcore frenzy of “Gameshark” or “Heartbeats” merging swirling house rhythms with atmospheric post-rock guitars.

the new Foxing record is with us now

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Foxing in the shop - Photo by Jez Pennington

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