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Four Tet's legendary Pause is available again on vinyl! 

There are few electronic artists who can make music this vibrant. The music is fluid, soft, like the sun coming out just after a spring rain. And like many of those instances after the rain there is the odd unsettling moment when the clouds threaten to return, casting a pallor over the day. That moment is when No More Mosquitoes shifts the mood uncomfortably, the odd electronic noises buzzing like a threatening storm, a child singing the title of the song in eerie repetition. This moment breaks up the serenity that has dominated the album thus far, refreshing and giving it a newfound sense of purpose, making the acoustic ambiance of Tangle a necessary breath of air as the clouds roll back.

four tet 3 hour DJ set at New Slang!

Glue of the world

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Four Tet Pause
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Label: Domino
Info correct on: 15/7/2020