Floating Points

Shadows EP

2 x 12"

Most recently dispatched: 3 May

Re-press of a classic Floating Points gatefold double 12" EP.

On the cusp of 2012 Floating Points aka Sam Shepherd brings us possibly his most fully comprehensible and utterly impressive release to date. "Shadows" is a fully accomplished debut album (though billed as an EP), beginning with "Myrtle Avenue" which fans will instantly associate with tracks off his "Vacuum EP" - loose organic drums, fluttering and sublimely delicate keyboard phrases swirling in the background and a jazzy, Rhodes-led bottom end. "Obfuse" continues the jazzy, organic instrumentation but goes on a bit a US deep house tip. With those trademark FP droney synths constantly bubbling underneath the mix, some soulful vocals and a long, sparse jazzy breakdown this could soundtrack a million different feel-good moments. "Realise" is future jazz jam from the outer galaxies! Pads and synthesized wind instruments gently carassing an array of plinkety-plonk garage beats. "Realise" has the same drum template as "J&W Beat" - rattling retro drum boxes skewed and syncopated to oblivioun but somehow maintaing a groove. Disc two offers up whole side tracks "ARP3" and "Sais". "ARP3" must be the big main room club track with those euphoric, driving synth ascensions and expertly placed drops. Growing into a brooding, intense monster but still with those ridiculously funky keyboard licks that only a classically trained musician could achieve (he studied right here in Manchester at Cheetham's dontcha know?!). "Sais" concludes this future classic in dreamy, freeform mode. The beats are on the shuffled UKG side, while ghostly pads and natural strings envelop the mix like whispering angels from deep within your consciousness... this is some EMOTIONAL SHIT right here! Definitely able to jerk tears at certain moments and if this doesn't pull at your heart strings then I question if you are infact human! Sam Shepherd has presented a breathtaking and fully realized vision of his sonic world, and one that is so welcoming and beautiful yet so stunningly unique that you just can't helped be sucked right in.

This EP is part of a collaborative project between FP and long term friend Will Hurt who has created a Max/Msp patch which studies drum machine and synthesizer activity to generate visuals in real-time.

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Floating Points Shadows EP
  • 1.Myrtle Avenue
  • 2.Obfuse
  • 3.Realise
  • 4.ARP3
  • 5.Sais

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Info correct on: 27/1/2021