Floating Points

Late Night Tales: Floating Points

Double LP

Floating Points’ personal collection of global soul, ambient, jazz and folk treasures form the latest in the warmly revered Late Night Tales series.

This Late Night Tales excursion into the depths of the evening reflects his broad tastes. The globally-travelled producer has collected untold treasures on his travels from dusty stores in Brazil to market stalls near his hometown. There’s the gorgeous ‘Via Làctea’, culled from Carlos Walker’s debut album, Abu Talib’s (Bobby Wright) plaintive ‘Blood Of An American’ and Robert Vanderbilt’s gospel reworking of Manchild’s ‘Especially For You’. Raw soul and feeling oozing from each song’s pores.

“I’ve learnt about a lot of incredible music from listening to the Late Night Tales compilations over the years, so I jumped at the opportunity to compile one myself. The music is a selection of the kind of records I play to set the tone when DJing all night long.” 

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Floating Points Late Night Tales: Floating Points
  • 1.Sarah Davachi - Untitled, live in Portland (Exclusive track)
  • 2.Carlos Walker - Via Lactea
  • 3.The Rationals - Glowin'
  • 4.William S. Fischer - Circle
  • 5.Max Roach - Equipoise
  • 6.Bobby Wright - Blood Of An American
  • 7.Sweet & Innocent - Express Your Love
  • 8.Robert Vanderbilt & The Foundation of Souls - A Message Especially From God
  • 9.The Defaulters - Gentle Man
  • 10.Alain Bellaiche - Sun Blues
  • 11.Alain Bellaiche - Sea Fluorescent
  • 12.Kara-Lis Coverdale - Moments In Love (excerpt)
  • 13.Azimuth - The Tunnel
  • 14.Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Milk (excerpt)
  • 15.Toshimaru Nakamura - Nimb#59 (Exclusive track)
  • 16.Floating Points - Sweet Time Suite Opening (Exclusive Kenny Wheeler cover version)
  • 17.Lauren Laverne - Ah! Why, Because The Dazzling Sun (Exclusive Emily Bronte spoken word piece)

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