Fleetwood Mac

Before The Beginning Vol. 2

Triple LP

Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac had a short but hugely prolific career, with the 1968 recording being at the early stages of the band and the 1970 recording will, in contrast, be one of their final shows before Peter left the band. Not much is known about the live recordings. Discovered (unlabelled) by pure luck in the US, this era has been authenticated by experts of the band's blues origins. Fleetwood Mac have given their full approval for the release of these tapes.The recordings were discovered in incredibly good condition considering they have been untouched for over 40 years and provide a vital insight into the very earliest incarnation of one of the world's biggest bands. Volume Two features the 1970 recording plus demos and rarities of classic tracks including ‘Oh Well’, ‘Green Manalishi’ and the band's first UK number one ‘Albatross’.

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Fleetwood Mac Before The Beginning Vol. 2
  • 1.Before the Beginning (Live)
  • 1.Albatross (Live)
  • 2.Only You (Live)
  • 2.World in Harmony (Live)
  • 3.Madison Blues (Version 2) [Live]
  • 3.Sandy Mary (Live)
  • 4.Can't Stop Lovin' (Live)
  • 4.Only You (Live)
  • 5.The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown) (Live)
  • 5.World in Harmony (Version 2) [Live]
  • 6.I Can't Hold Out (Live)
  • 7.Oh Well (Part 1) (Live)
  • 8.Rattlesnake Shake (Live)
  • 9.Underway (Live)
  • 10.Coming Your Way (Live)
  • 11.Homework (Live)
  • 12.My Baby's Sweet (Live)
  • 13.My Baby's Gone (Live)
  • 14.You Need Love (Demo)
  • 15.Talk With You (Demo)
  • 16.If It Ain't me (GK Edit) [Demo]
  • 17.Mean Old World (Demo)

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