Field Medic

fade into the dawn

LP baby blue

The new full length album from Los Angeles-based folk artist Field Medic, his first full length for Run For Cover Records.

Field Medic's radical honesty is audible on every track of fade into the dawn. The minimalist acoustic arrangements and lo-fi production aesthetic, along Patrick's cutting lyrical wit, all combine to produce an album that reflects his natural confidence as a songwriter, even as he gives himself permission to question this self-conception with each ensuing verse.

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Field Medic fade into the dawn
  • 1.used 2 be a romantic
  • 2.i was wrong
  • 3.the bottle's my lover, she's just my friend
  • 4.henna tattoo
  • 5.hello moon
  • 6.tournament horseshoe
  • 7.songs r worthless now
  • 8.mood ring baby
  • 9.everyday'z 2moro
  • 10.helps me forget...

Cat no: 0811408031974
Label: Run For Cover
Info correct on: 21/3/2019