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FFS is collaboration between Franz Ferdinand (who played New Slang in 2013) and LA duo Sparks who fromed in the 70s. From what we've already heard of the album it kinda sounds like Bowie and Roxy Music!

Very much a ‘new’ project, ‘FFS’ doesn’t truly sound like either band but a striking and fascinating mutation. “The real motivation was to make something new, not ‘Franz featuring Russell Mael’, or ‘Sparks with Franz Ferdinand backing them,” says Alex Kapranos. “You can’t chart what is Sparks and what is Franz Ferdinand,” suggests Ron Mael. “I think each band unconsciously relinquished a little of who they were in order to enter new territory.”

Franz Ferdi-Slang

Johnny Delusional

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FFS / Franz Ferdinand / Sparks FFS
  • CD
  • 1.Johnny Delusional
  • 2.Call Girl
  • 3.Dictator's Son
  • 4.Little Guy From The Suburbs
  • 5.Police Encounters
  • 6.Save Me From Myself
  • 7.So Desu Ne
  • 8.The Man Without A Tan
  • 9.Things I Won't Get
  • 10.The Power Couple
  • 11.Collaborations Donâ??t Work
  • 12.Piss Off
  • Deluxe CD
  • 13.So Many Bridges
  • 14.King Of The Song
  • 15.Look At Me
  • 16.A Violent Death

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