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A huge compilation from the legendary and influential rock / post-britpop band Feeder. Includes a massive range of their tunes that span across their 25-year-career. Hits like Feeling A Moment, Just The Way I'm Feeling, Day In Day Out, High and Borders can be found amongst the iconic Buck Rogers and Just A Day. Also included is nine new tracks.

After the success of All Bright Electric, it felt like the perfect time to release a 'best of' to remind people of our story so far and the music we have created over the years.... We really wanted to include some new songs to this package to give the 'best of' something new and fresh among the older tracks and to make it feel a bit more special for the fans.

“I remember sitting in a classroom at school aged 11 drawing pictures of flying V guitars and dreaming of being in a band, a band that could fill arenas and stadiums,”remembers vocalist Grant Nicholas. “The dream came true and here I am 25 years later with Feeder and still riding the rock and roll train. It’s hard to believe that Swim, the first mini album, was released 21 years ago. It feels like yesterday.”

Details on the tracklisting and what to find on each format:

The 2 CD standard album collects 37 of the band's singles (excluding "Tangerine", "Miss You", "Call Out", "Side by Side" and double a-sides "Tracing Lines" and "This Town") and includes four new tracks. The 3 CD deluxe album includes all the band's singles (except for "Call Out" and double a-side "This Town") on the first two discs and contains Arrow, a nine-track mini album on the third disc. The 4LP contains another selection of 37 of the band's singles (excluding "Paperfaces", "Save Us", "Miss You", "Side by Side" and double a-sides "Tracing Lines" and "This Town") over sides A-F and Arrow on sides G and H.

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Feeder The Best Of
  • 1.Feeling A Moment
  • 2.Come Back Around
  • 3.Eskimo
  • 4.Just The Way I'm Feeling
  • 5.Forget About Tomorrow
  • 6.Just A Day
  • 7.Insomnia
  • 8.Comfort In Sound
  • 9.High
  • 10.Buck Rogers
  • 11.Pushing The Senses
  • 12.Turn
  • 13.Renegades
  • 14.Lost & Found
  • 15.Tender
  • 16.Yesterday Went Too Soon
  • 17.Shatter
  • 18.Borders
  • 19.Seven Days In The Sun
  • 20.Piece By Piece
  • 21.Another Day On Earth
  • 22.We Are The People
  • 23.Universe Of Life
  • 24.Idaho
  • 25.Tumble And Fall
  • 26.Crash
  • 27.Silent Cry
  • 28.Find The Colour
  • 29.Day In Day Out
  • 30.Down By The River
  • 31.Paperweight
  • 32.Tangerine
  • 33.Cement
  • 34.Suffocate
  • 35.Side By Side
  • 36.Stereo World
  • 37.Paperfaces
  • 38.Save Us
  • 39.Tracing Lines
  • 40.Miss You
  • 41.Children Of The Sun
  • 42.Figure You Out
  • 43.Walk Away
  • 44.Bees
  • 45.Veins
  • 46.Sound Of Birds
  • 47.Arrow
  • 48.Dive
  • 49.Sirens
  • 50.Landslide

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