False Advertising


LP 'ice cream' splatter

The new full length album from the infectious and charming indie-punk outfit False Advertising.

Exploring “those feelings of being trapped or that your decisions aren’t your own, and so it can feel like a brainfreeze,” Jen Hingley says of the new album: “This band is about connecting with people, but it’s also a very personal catharsis. With ‘Brainfreeze’, I really want people to feel like it’s inclusive. It’s not just our tirade against the world, we want people to feel welcome in the way they experience this band.”

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False Advertising Brainfreeze
  • 1.Influenza
  • 2.You Said
  • 3.Uncomfortable
  • 4.We've Heard This All Before
  • 5.Reading It Wrong
  • 6.You Weren't In My Dream
  • 7.You Won't Feel Love
  • 8.Personal Gain
  • 9.At The Top
  • 10.Wasted Days
  • 11.So Long

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Info correct on: 10/1/2022